Where there is bread there is community!

Join KIPPelora this Saturday July 25th
from 9-noon for a celebration bake of YOU.

Yes!! please bring down your favorite or new recipe to try in the KIPPoven.

We will have it set for around 400 degrees.
Come visit us, learn about what we do!


August 1st Food Day Canada: Chris Jess and Slow Food International present a special 4 course meal for dinner. This is a ticketed event next weekend! Wait until you see the smorgasbord Chris has planned! See the menu below.
Here is the Facebook link for this event

August 8th: Date Night! (our most popular event of the year)
AND we are looking for a soft spoken singer/s to lead us! please email with suggestions. We are competing (well actually there is no competition-we lost ) with the Highland Games are on that weekend and have scooped up lots of local talent. We hope they have a successful weekend.
And if crowds aren’t your thing, well you can come visit us. We always go overboard for toppings on our pizzas for this night. Expect lots of variety.
We will be in touch closer to.

And just to re-iterate, we call it Date Night because well, its fun to say
But that also translates to ‘bring your mom, your dad, your bestie’— everyone over the age of 18 is welcome.