Pizza Making Firestarter Workshop Friday June 3rd


During this workshop you will learn how to make a fire in the oven, all the particulars of how to successfully run the oven and finally cap off the evening with learning to bake your own pizza! We will provide the training, dough, and sauce and you bring your favourite toppings for the potluck! Last year some of our participants grilled veggies that were amazing! Feel free to um, bring what you can  to share! Its a great way to meet new people.

ALSO BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR. We have picnic tables but, well, they are picnic tables, not exactly the most comfy of seating available.

Buy tickets here:  $8 ea. all in. Cut off is 1pm Friday so we know how much dough to make ahead of time. Through word of mouth we already have 10 people coming! Bring your neighbour, your mom or a hot date! Everyone welcome. Children need to be over 16 without a parent as they will be baking their own pizza in our oven. If online purchases aren’t your thing, email us to sort.


June 4th: We are going to make Fougasse  which is a fancy focaccia! Holy mommas its going to be delicious!!  Master Baker Mike Brennan will be on site, with our volunteers designing this mouthwatering delight! Please come down to see what its about and get some for lunch or dinner. YUMMO! Curious and want to come out? Just… come on out! We are dying to meet you!

June 18th: Cultural Food Day -We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting Syrian Refugee Rasheed and his family who will be baking Fataya’s and Tabouli. It’ll be a take out lunch for $10. Proceeds to Rasheeds Family! They are very excited to be able to meet and bake for you! We will have approximately 50-75 portions. It is Ramadan for them, so they will be fasting during this time, but we have sorted out work arounds to make this day happen! A lot of effort is being put into this so we would love your support!

July 9th:  Pizza Night with Elora Acoustic Cafe

August 6th: DATE NIGHT.
And just to re-iterate, we call it Date Night because well, its fun to say BUT that also translates to ‘bring your mom, your dad, your bestie’— everyone over the age of 18 is welcome. And we have NICK GUSH and Pam Davies plus their entourage booked for the evening!! yay!

These are the highlights.
See our Bake Schedule for more